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What kind of dents can be repaired

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  • 17-03-2021
What kind of dents can be repaired

When your car bodywork is damaged, you may be wondering what kind of dents can be repaired? Below, we look at the various dent removal techniques available.

There are many types of dents that we can repair; however, this depends on the size, where it is located and how complex it is. 

By complexity, this somewhat refers to the type of damage that has been created. If the dent has a crease in it, the likelihood of returning to normal is very slim compared to if the dent is minor and simple. 

Some other types of dents are sharp dents. This refers to a dent usually created from a small object like a door. Another is round dents, which can be created from something round in nature, like a baseball. This type of dent usually occurs when the vehicle is stationary. 

How Much Does A Dent In A Car Cost To Fix?      

The cost of dent removal can depend on the type of dent and what made it. For example, if a dent is on material like carbon fibre, this will mean you need to replace the entire panels, which can take a lot of money. 

An evaluation of the vehicle will be carried before we provide a repair cost to properly evaluate the damage and understand what needs to be done. 

Sometimes, the accessibility of the dent is also taken into account as some need to be removed from the inside to avoid further damage. 

Also, many vehicles have different material like carbon fibre, metal and plastic, depending on their location. Which type of material is damaged can depend on whether it can be repaired or replaced.  

What kind of dents can be repaired?

Dent Repair Cost Estimator   

Estimating the repair work cost depends on the vehicle's condition and uses a few factors to see its condition. Some of these are:

  • The depth and diameter of the dent.
  • The damaged material's location on the vehicle (bumper, hood, front-right door, etc.).
  • What type of material was damaged (e.g. Carbon Fibre, Plastic, Metal, etc.).
  • The accessibility to the back of the dent.
  • Make/model of the car. 
  • Colour of paint used.
  • Type of object which caused the dent.

These facts can influence how much it will cost to repair a dent, so estimating the price would be challenging without viewing it for ourselves. Many dents can be fixed using paintless dent removal repairs, but we should still evaluate the dent better. 

Do Dent Pullers Really Work?

Two types of car dent pullers are commonly used. These are suction dent pullers and glue dent pullers. 

Suction Dent Pullers

Suction Dent Pullers: These suction pullers are placed on the dent, and then you pull it back when attached to the material. This will use suction to remove the dent depending on its complexity. 

Glue Dent Puller

Glue Dent Puller: A glue puller is glued on the surface of the dent. Then you begin to twist the puller, which begins to bring it back up slowly.   

These two dent pullers are mainly used on shallow or small dents, found on flat and or flexible surfaces. These techniques are used for very simple dents on the cars and cannot help with deeper or dents at an angle. 

Although for simple dents, this is a good method to remove the dents with minimal damage to the vehicle itself, this can take a long time for the process to be complete. 

Also, if the paintwork was damaged when brought the car to us, this method has a high chance that it would increase the damage to the paintwork. Many body shops use DPR's now as they are beneficial and do not damage the body after use. A regular dent puller cannot help with bodywork that is creased as these are hard to reform.  

What Is Paintless Dent Repair? 

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a good method to repair the car's body by reshaping it. This should be able to get rid of most car dings depending on its complexity. 

This is done by using special tools which massage and press the damaged panel from behind the dent. The PDR is generally used instead of other dent repair methods as this is faster, cheaper and does not damage the paint when putting the panel back to the original shape. 

With this method, you may be less likely to damage the exterior body. The PDR is a good method to get the vehicle back to its old quality before the new dent.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Car Dent Repair Near Me   

Need car dent repairs in Great Dunmow? If you are in Great Dunmow, then come and require dents to be removed, contact us on 01279 932032. If you have a dent in your car and needs to be removed, why not come and join us at Chills Body Repairs. We will do our best to remove the dent and leave you satisfied. 

If you are looking for Paintless Dent Removals in Essex, contact our Great Dunmow based garage.