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What Common Repairs do Auto Body Shops Do

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What Common Repairs do Auto Body Shops Do

Find out more about common repairs that auto body shops do. We look at body shop repair services and which may be right for your car.

Most common repairs that auto body shops do

Many auto body shops offer their customers and local clients a broad range of auto body repairs that provide restoration for their vehicles. 

When utilising these local companies, you can guarantee that your car is serviced to a high industry standard by experienced and trustworthy body shop technicians. They use the highest quality special tools and equipment to finish jobs to have your vehicles looking brand-new or in a pre-damaged state. 

Most shops within your local area may not offer a complete package or the services you are specifically searching for. The best idea is to contact a reputable business with a broad range of great services that will not handle poorly. Typically, the most common auto body repair services include:

Paintless Dent Removals (PDR)

Auto Body Painting

Window Repairs and Replacement

Frame Alignment, Testing and Strengthening

Many More

What Common Repairs do Auto Body Shops Do?

Body Shop Repair Services

There are numerous repair services available to customers and clients across the UK. Many bodyworks and auto repair shops complete a wide range of jobs every day with talented technicians whose vast and interchangeable skills. 

Dent Removal

Dent removal is one of the most significant repairs that any customer should expect from body shops in your local body shop. Dents and marks can occur to your vehicle body panels by various means, including key scratches, the weather, flying rocks, stray grocery carts or debris hitting the car at a high pace. 

Even minor dents can occur by numerous other accidents on the road or even whilst your vehicle is stationary.

Body Shop Repair Services

If you have the skills for removing dents, you can carry out dent removal jobs yourself, and some people tend to prefer that; however, this isn't an idea we highly recommend, especially for inexperienced ones. 

On several occasions, DIY dent removals can often lead to further expensive paint damage for your vehicle, which means you'd be lending yourself to a much more costly professional repair. 

The best option for those in need of dent removal is to take your car to a local, high-quality body shop. Body shops are incredibly familiar with dent removal as it is a common issue with vehicles, making it one of the cheapest problems to resolve and fix. 

Auto Body Shop Paint Repairs

Paint repairs are another task that is common for professionals in auto body shops. Trained technicians often perform these repairs after they have been visually inspected to protect car exteriors from weathering damage purely for reasons concerning the cosmetics of your vehicle. 

Once the paint has been cured with a cured primer or corrosion-resistant primer, they will apply several layers of paint and a clear coat with a high gloss appearance to give your car a lovely sparkle. 

You may require a new paint job because of direct damage, for example, deep scratches, paint scratches, paint swirling from temperature change or accidents on the car's exterior. It is just as essential to ensure your exterior is maintained. 

While the damage may only seem cosmetic, rock chips and scratches can open the exterior and cause extreme cracking, paint damage to several layers of paint and rust issues. 

However, it is A-OK to get your vehicle repaired and re-painted to improve its appearance and make it look fresher and cleaner. 

Auto Body Shop Paint Repairs

Accident repair is one of the most significant types of repairs within local body shop services, and they tend to be the highest priority jobs for apparent reasons. Accident repair can lend you numerous fixes to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Contact the best auto body shop in your location for a free quote. 

Random accidents happen almost every day, and it can be tempting to write any damage off as cosmetic and leave the repairs for another day to save time and plenty of money. However, it is vital that before you brush it off, you must get an expert in an auto body shop to examine your vehicle thoroughly. 

Further examination will ensure that the damage won't have any long-term effects or affect the car's longevity. However, cosmetic issues will affect the resale value, so this is something you may wish to rectify if you desire to sell your car in the future. 

Frame Repair and Alignment

Car alignment or car frame repair is incredibly crucial. It enables your vehicle to refrain from shaking or tilting to the left or right during driving as they track unevenly. 

Such forms of repair are entirely imperative as they enhance the general health of your car and prevent high risks of accidents. 

During this service, they may work on the foundation of your vehicle, the wheels, steering components and the car doors to ensure there are no bent frames. 

Technicians at good auto body shops will have high-tech frame alignment machines to create frame balance. 

Car detailing

Car detailing is a popular form of auto body repair that isn't necessary for enhancing the overall health of your vehicle. 

It is purely cosmetic and a service that will allow you to feel pride in your automobile. 

The repair may involve carefully polishing your headlights, taillights or a retouching up of your car's factory paint job.

It will help your car look stunning and increase the overall resale value. A beautiful car is incredibly eye-catching to car buyers; it is one of the most significant aspects. 

Window Replacement And Repair

Window Replacement and Repair

Window damage is another highly significant problem you could encounter with your vehicle, either on the road or vandalism on your stationary car. The harm done can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and result from numerous causes. 

Glass repair shops with trained glass repair technicians can provide you with brand new glass windows for your vehicle. 

The most significant causes of damage to car windows and auto glass can come from dust storms, collisions, vandalism with the intent of theft, hailstorms and many others. 

Car collision repair

Car accidents can often involve collisions and minor fender benders. Car collision repairs include multiple fixes that are all incumbent for improving your vehicle's durability and overall functionality. 

Collisions can occur throughout the day and night, and most drivers often ignore the damages as they seem irrelevant to the moving parts of their car. When these issues are left untreated, they can cause many other problems. 

However, we highly recommend having an expert look at your vehicle to check that the exterior difficulties will not cause any interior damage down the line. 

The technicians will complete any repair work, including damaged frames or other components. 

Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a highly advanced aspect of body repair that has had an immense impact on the car body business over the last few years. 

When your vehicle's body receives dents, yet they have not affected the paintwork, you can request paintless dent repair. 

Many mechanics in the industry utilise a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and tools to remove the dent from your car's bodywork, including devices that massage away the dent without obstructing the paint or causing it to chip away. 

Once the procedure is completed, your car or vehicle will appear brand-new again. PDR is a relatively cost-effective solution as you won't have to spend extra on re-painting. 

Body filler

When it comes to more severe car, bodywork issues, such as body filling, are often the best way to ensure your vehicle is restored. 

The mechanic will apply a high-quality body filler to the surface of the car dent. They then smoothen out the filler, creating smooth lines to cure dented surfaces; this is a technique that many professionals use for relatively large or immediately noticeable dents that they cannot correct any other way. 

Once your body filler has completely dried, they then paint over it to match the rest of the car. 

Bumper replacements

Your car's front and back bumpers are often affected during car accidents, especially when they involve a collision. 

In this case, bumpers are entirely damaged and must be replaced as quickly as possible. 

Car body shops with talented technicians can help replace your bumper with one that accurately suits your current vehicle model. 

What's the Difference Between an Auto Body Shop and a Car Repair Garage?

An auto body shop does not often provide the same services as your local car repair garage. Auto body shops tend to focus on remedial tasks on the vehicle's exterior; however, car repair garages focus on replacing mechanical components. Many car repair garages with professional mechanics can also perform MOT tests, servicing on car's moving parts and regular maintenance. 

These mechanical repairs often include frequent issues, for example, oil changes, brake replacements and engine component replacements to enhance the hydraulic force.

After an accident, it is paramount that you visit your local, trustworthy auto body shop to replace or fix your exterior components that have been damaged. If you discover aspects of the interior or mechanical parts that make it incredibly challenging to drive safely, you must go to a car repair garage as they are more in tune with these issues. Serious accidents require both services. Ensure you pick a car repair garage or auto body shop with numerous qualified and certified technicians who deliver top standard jobs every time. 

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