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The Cost of Fixing Bodywork Damage

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  • 06-09-2021
The Cost of Fixing Bodywork Damage

Repairing minor body damage

It may not come as a tremendous shock to you that the costs of repairs for any bodywork damage ultimately vary depending on the level of severity. However, you may find that it is not only the price that impacts the price of all repairs. Your bodywork repair specialist will factor in the location of the dent, scratch or damage and may even consider how far or deep they have penetrated the vehicle model before offering you free quotes. The duration they believe the repair will take and their course of action to approach the job can also drastically affect the total cost.

Every minor piece of damage on the bodywork is unique each time an accident occurs; it doesn't matter whether it is a little dent or stress, a bumper scuff or a paintwork scratch. The professional specialists will have to examine it to curate a precise estimate, so it's best to take your vehicle to the nearest or most local car bodywork shop or garages, with a good reputation and plenty of good reviews that you can find in your area.

Many companies offer free, no-obligation estimate services when undertaking an investigation of the damage done to your vehicle make and model.  In some cases, specialists may offer a repair quote estimate over the phone or by contacting a specialist online in an email via discussion of the damage; however, it is generally best if they can take a look at it beforehand. Provide photograph evidence if you cannot make it to a bodywork shop in time - any way that will allow your professionals to assess the damage that has happened carefully and offer advice will be helpful nonetheless. Several businesses make it their mission to offer guaranteed insurance on all repairs in the process.   

Types of car body damage repairs

Qualified, experienced mechanics are always prepared to carry out all manner of repairs, and there are numerous styles of dents, scratches and scuffs from minor to more significant ones that they are equipped to deal with.

Clear-coat scratches 

They can repair surface scratches that are relatively light and haven't gone deep enough to have caused the paintwork damage. In cases like these, approved resprays are predominantly avoided. These repairs are far cheaper than any others it would be unfortunate to encounter. 

Paint scratches and scuffs

These tend to be a little more costly, and the scratches are often deep enough to have caused much more damage and possibly impact the paintwork. The repainting costs are unfortunately unavoidable. 

Deep paint scratches 

Deeper paint scratches that affect the paintwork are so severe that they expose the metal of the body panel; these kinds of repairs will take far more effort to return to its original state and blend the scratch back seamlessly into the finish. 

Bodywork and car panel dents 

Dents can occur anywhere on the bodywork; however, depending on your dent's location, it can determine how difficult or easy it will be for your specialist to remedy it. The dent's severity will also dictate whether or not your bodywork panel will require replacing, a completed repaint or whether it only requires paintless dent removal, which is a way to repair panel dents without damaging the paint. Significant repairs may include fibreglass or filler damages which one can amend by being sanded back into its original form ready to be resprayed. 

Rust repair

Due to the kind of weather we experience in the UK, with the relentless rain and sometimes harsh conditions, plenty of cars on the road will be victim to paint erosion and rust. Bubbles can form under the surface of the paintwork, and heavy corrosion can settle around the wheel arches and pitted areas in the chrome metalwork can ruin the appearance of your vehicle. 

Accident damage 

Collisions with cars on the road or with stationary obstacles could cause a massive impact on any bodywork or panel. You may have to search for a specialist that can respray your vehicle. 

Paint matching 

The paintwork of your car or car door may, throughout its lifespan, have been exposed to sun-fading or deterioration. It may be through constant wear, frequent washing or polishing or UV exposure. Finding a company or professional paint sprayer that can carefully match the colour is your best bet here. You don't want the elements to make your vehicle 2 or 3 shades lighter than when you bought it in the showroom. 

Plastic bumpers and textured bumper repair 

Numerous modern cars have integrated plastic bumpers into the colour scheme of the vehicle. These are some of the most likely to receive regular damage, especially after using impact-absorbing materials. It can be a rather expensive form of material to repair and avoid costly replacements successfully; you'll need to get the job carried out by a skilled professional repair engineer, as you would any other vehicle damage.   

Estimated Repair Costs

Car Scratch Repair Costs

Numerous scratches can deeply obstruct your car's appearance, but not only will they affect the aesthetics, but they also may lead to rusting, and that can destroy its mechanisms. The good news is that scratches are often easily fixed and are not as costly as other forms of damage. 

Clear-Coat Scratches

Suppose you find that scratch that only hits the clear coat and wears away at any paintworks; it is considered a clear coat scratch and is one of the most straightforward repairs. An average cost is around £60-£96 per panel, and these repairs will often take approximately 30-60 minutes. 

Paint Scratches and Scuffs

Damage deeper than the clear coat is bound to take the paint off the panels or bodywork. No matter the size of the scuff of the accident, once you have found that paint layers have been removed, your car or car door will need to be repainted. Typically, the cost of repainting for scuffs and scratches are around £120-£180 and may take roughly 2 to 3 hours. 

Deep Paint Scratches

Deep paint scratches in the metal or plastic are some of the most expensive to repair. They are significant car body repairs that professionals must remedy before causing infinite damages. If your car's base is exposed, you are putting yourself and others on the road in danger, waiting for your vehicle to rust or corrode. Repair costs come between £18-£240 with a duration of 3-5 hours. 

Car Bumper Repair Costs

Bumpers do not exist solely to absorb damage; numerous safety features and sensors have been built into the bumpers in today's automobiles. 

Whether it be lights or reversing sensors, damage to any of these must be carefully considered, especially when looking at the prices of repairs. The complex features involved in the structure takes plenty of time to remove, and the duration can often vary; hourly labour costs around £60 per hour, so you must expect and prepare to pay costs at this expense. 

If your vehicle has its bumper taken off, pricing can also vary depending on the severity of the repairs required. Often, the bumper must be sanded down, cleaned, and repainted, and this can take up to four hours with a £60 hourly rate. The cost of materials utilised in repairs is often covered in the customer's final total and in VAT, including the sandpaper to the same paint used to match and respray it.

If your bumper receives lots of damage beyond repair, you may desire a replacement; however, repairs are incredibly more expensive, up to £300-£700. You may discover damage regarding the components behind the bumper; potential costs for repair can range from £600-£1,320, and these repairs can take up to 2-3 days.  

Car Dent Repair Costs

The cost of dent repairs can wildly vary; this depends on the location of the dent on the bodywork and the size or depth. Some areas of the car, such as the car door, are easier to amend, which means that the costs fluctuate. 

Paintless dent removal (PDR) begins at £90 per panel and can be done within an hour; however, this all depends heavily on the position and size of your dent. If PDR cannot fix your dents, quality dent repair often increases in the price of £220 up to £450 per panel, and the time taken can be around 3-7 hours.   

Car Alloy Wheels Repair Costs

Alloy wheels repair can vary in cost depending on numerous factors. If you find that your wheels have mild scratches around the edge, the repair costs can settle somewhere between £60-£80. The typical repair cost of a wheel that has damage across the face is approximately £90 per wheel.  It can be up to £150 per alloy wheel for any machined wheel repairs.   

Diamond-cut alloys for a set of four cost around £450 to be fully repaired and often take at least 3-4 days. If you desire a powder coating for one alloy wheel, this will sometimes cost approximately £115, and a set of 4 powder-coated wheels tends to be more expensive at £350, and these repairs require 2-3 days.  

Can I do the scratch repair myself?

If the scratch or scratches are minor, you can achieve a repair yourself. You must think carefully about the type of dent or scratch that your car or vehicle has received. If it has much more significant damage, you will want to take it to a local, convenient car body repair shop. 

In repairing it yourself, ultimately, you can reduce the costs, saving you a great deal of money; however, there's no guaranteed chance that you can make every scratch or scuff appear invisible, which can eventually devalue your car over time, so it's a good idea not to take risks if you know you may make mistakes. 

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