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How do Bodyshops Fix Dents

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How do Bodyshops Fix Dents

If you have a car in need of dent repair, you may be wondering: how do bodyshops fix dents? We look at the types of dents that a bodyshop can repair and how they are able to do this. 

Body shops can use different methods to repair dents, but these depend on the severity and location of the dents. PDR or Paintless Dent Repair removes the dent from the vehicle without altering the finish on the car. If the dent is on the bumper and you cannot get behind the dent to slowly push out the dent, it would be better to replace the whole bumper. Also, if there is a crease or the paint is damaged, this method will not work very well.

Finding the right repair for getting rid of the dent is also important. The right method for repairing your vehicle is important as this can decide whether the repairing method will cause more damage than it fixes. Some dent repair processes are faster than others, but each has its pros and cons, and each fits a situation. 

Another option that you can look into is the difference between collision repair and PDR, as the prices may differ per body workshop, but they can also be useful for getting rid of dents.

What is paintless dent repair?

The PDR or Painless dent repair is removing dents from a car without altering the vehicles finish. This process is generally used for removing minor dents from the car from the backside of the panel. 

Using this process can be good without damaging the paint like some other methods can but are not recommended if there is already paint damage present on the location of the dent. 

This process can increase the damage already present on the vehicle if there is any paint damage or cracks. 

The paintless dent repair is a dent repair process and is faster than other repair methods used by workshops, but they have their own issues when they can and cannot be used, such as cannot be used on damaged paint as this can increase the damage.

How do Bodyshops Fix Dents Great Dunmow, Essex

Can my dent be fixed with PDR?

There are many ways for your to get dents on your car and in many different locations around your vehicle. Removing these can sometimes be simple or more complex, depending on the damage and the location. Many body shops use PDR, but the price for the repair can vary depending on the place you go, so you should look through a few before choosing.

The PDR process is generally used in an auto body shop, and with the PDR or Paintless Dent Removal process, you must have access behind the dent to carefully massage it out. Unfortunately, having creases or paint damage can mean it will just do more harm than good. 

The PDR is usually faster than the standard methods of removing dents from the vehicles as there it does not affect the paint or finish on the vehicle. 

This means you will not worry about sanding down and repainting the vehicle's bodywork to match again. Also, paintless dent repair is faster than the traditional repair methods, but they are also a cheaper option than the others in many cases. 

Many guides can be used to decide if your vehicles dent can be removed with PDR or whether a different method is required. Sometimes replacing the part like a bumper is the better option. 

What is paintless dent repair? Great Dunmow, Essex

As said, some locations for the dents can sometimes make it harder or impossible to remove. But this can also depend on the type of material, such as carbon fibre front will have cracks, which would usually mean you need to have the entire panel replaced. Metal panels are easier to get the dents out of but can also be impossible for some methods.

Can all dents be repaired?

Dents can occur when simple things like hail hit your car or other objects like animals, people or other cars hit you. Most dents can be repaired, but these depend on the amount of damage created and the location of the damage. 

Using suction to remove dents from a vehicle is one of the most common methods of removing dents. Although many dents can be removed using suction methods, not all can or should be removed. 

Can all dents be repaired? Great Dunmow, Essex

You can use the suction methods to remove small dents and medium-sized dents within the bodywork without damaging the paint as long as there is no previous damage to the paint or creases in the dent. These can make the damage worse instead of resolving the issue.

Some car manufacturers put foam behind the bumpers, and if this is damaged, the entire bumper needs to be removed, and the foam will need to be replaced inside the body shop. 

Other body repair methods can be used to remove small dents, but certain situations also limit them. They are also limited to the types of dents that they may be as they are specific methods that can be used to remove specific dents; however, some dents shouldn't be brought out as they can cost too much to repair the vehicle afterwards. 

Some of these car dents include Round dents, which are the most common, car dings, which are small and sometimes easy to remove with suction and crease dents which can be very difficult and annoying to remove. 

What other methods can be used to remove a dent?

A suction method is one of the most common methods to remove dents from a vehicles bodywork. With that being said, it is not the only dent removal methods that are available to you.

One of the other methods of removing dents from vehicles is pounding the dent from the backside or behind it and filling in the dent using a special compound. After using this compound, you can smooth out the compound and repaint the dent that matches the bodywork and add any finishes needed to make it look good as new.

However, this method can be time-consuming and cost a bit more than the normal suction method. The body filler method can sometimes make the car look better but also requires time for the filling to set, the sanding of the vehicle to be done and for the 

Each auto body shop will have its own repair methods to use, so the types of methods and the price of the dent removal methods will vary depending on the auto body shop you visit.

What other methods can be used to remove a dent? Great Dunmow, Essex

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