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Differences Between an Auto Body Shop and Mechanic

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  • 01-01-2022
Differences Between an Auto Body Shop and Mechanic

What's the difference between a auto body shop and mechanic? We look at what auto body shops do and what auto repair shops do. Find out which service is required for our car.

Where should you take your car?

There are a few essential differences between normal auto repair shops (auto mechanics) and auto body shops. 

Most people struggle to understand the difference between the two, leaving them confused about where they should take their car when they experience an accident or notice some damage. 

Drivers or car owners may encounter 3-4 accidents in their lifetime, so it's vital to know the places to take your vehicle to be restored.

The two shops to concern yourself with are Auto Body Repair shops (Mechanics) and Auto Body Shops.

What's the difference between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop?

Vehicles are vital and complicated machines that many utilise throughout everyday life. Many aimlessly drive their car without thinking about how it works, which is perfectly okay! However, it's good to have a more general understanding of your chosen vehicle so that you know what to do when features need repairing or replacing over time. 

What's the Difference Between a Auto Body Shop and Mechanic

To simplify, your vehicle has two essential divisions known as the body; the physical features and outwear of your car and the engine, the mechanism that enables your vehicle to move. 

The average auto repair shop fixes the engines moving components, hidden damage and aspects that could wear out during regular driving. 

You may require your engine light checked or other components. However, body shops tend to improve the bodywork, including the bumpers, windows, frames, doors and paint jobs, etc. 

They will restore vehicles, repair and replace any related parts that aren't mechanically involved in powering your car and cannot bring you to a halt in the middle of the motorway. 

These professional shops are also responsible for interior cleaning. 

What auto body shops do

Auto body shops are known for repairing any damage done to non-moving parts and exterior aspects of the car's bodywork. They are more concerned with returning the outerwear of the vehicle to return it to its original state before the damage or accident, much like collision centres. Some of the tasks they use their expertise to take on include:

They restore the general appearance of vehicles after major or minor collisions. 

They repair any dents that have occurred to the sheet metal. 

They are talented at restoring the paint to match the previous factory colours.  

They help replace and repair glass for windows and rear-views. 

They are responsible for replacing parts, including damaged body panels, bumpers and must replace other damaged components not part of your car's engine or mechanical systems. 

What Auto Body Shops Do

What auto repair shops do

Auto repair shops tend to provide necessary repairs moving parts, and more regular maintenance to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly at all times. Some of the tasks they perform include:

What Auto Repair Shops Do

They replace brakes and other components that could wear out over time from everyday driving. 

They perform oil changes. 

They repair any internal problems with engine parts that become damaged or wear out through frequent use. 

Other general repairs of the vehicles other moving components. 

Which one do you need?

Deciding between an auto mechanic or an auto body repair shop can be relatively simple. For those in search of repairs for non-moving parts or your car's exterior, you may need to take a visit to the local body shop for body repairs. 

However, if you require any issues correcting concerning any moving parts, you must consult your local mechanic at their shop. 

Evaluate the shop's services

Visit the websites of your local mechanic shop or online auto body store to learn about each of their services. 

High-quality services often provide a full range of services for every kind of repair or replacement you may need, allowing you to get all problems mended under the safety of one roof.

However, various mechanic shops often offer services, including transmission repairs, tune-ups, oil changes, and brake repairs, so if you are in dire need of these services, it's best to contact a local mechanic. 

Read customer

Lastly, we'd encourage you to discover what past customers of these repair shop companies have said about the auto bodywork or the mechanics. 

That way, you can get a genuine feel for the services at hand, skill level, and years of experience. 

It will also tell you plenty about the overall reputation that the company has garnered over their years of establishment. 

Ask questions

Ask various questions regarding what services and support the auto body or mechanic shop can provide you during your visit or scheduled appointment.

A few questions you may wish to pose to the professional technicians include:

Do you offer any warranties for the services you provide? How long does the warranty last?

Does your shop use aftermarket, used or completely new parts during repair jobs?

Do you employ trained and certified technicians to complete the tasks?

How long is a service? How long does it take to fix my car?

Does your shop carry adequate theft and fire insurance?

Where Should You Take Your Car?

Can't I do the repair myself?

Virtually anybody can assess their vehicle, noticing cracked bumpers or dented fenders, and know that it's not correct; however, it takes lots of skill to mend it, getting it back to its original state.

A professional technician at an auto body shop can thoroughly analyse the vehicle, ensuring all parts are correctly aligned to confirm no further underlying damage. Replacing or removing single panels don't always guarantee that the rest of your car will return to its former glory.

Mechanics have a wide range of tools and knowledge of each aspect of the car to replace a body panel that your vehicle requires; however, they don't provide adequate paint services. To receive panel replacement and get your vehicle looking new, you must go to a high-quality auto body shop.  

Can't I Do The Repair Myself?

Auto body shop enables the body of your car to be repaired in a manner that matches the colour of the original paint. It offers a finished product that looks just like it did beforehand. 

It is an incredibly significant step; the colour of your car may fade over time, and, therefore, new panels must be painted to match the rest of your vehicle. 

Finally, it's not about whether you or your technician would do a better job; mechanics and auto body shops receive extensive training and gain years of experience in the industry. They have worked on hundreds of cars over the years and know how to identify problems and amend them quickly. Deciding whether to repair parts yourself as a mechanic or take your vehicle to an auto body shop depends on the results you desire and the repairs you require. 

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