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Common Causes of Car Bodywork Dents

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  • 06-09-2021
Common Causes of Car Bodywork Dents

What are the common causes of car bodywork dents? We look at the common causes of dents to your vehicle from shopping trolleys to trees.

Types of car bodywork damage

Scuffs and scrapes are quite obviously the most common types of car bodywork damage; they can be caused by airborne debris, a car wash or unexpected meetings with walls, cars etc. 

This type of damage can often be small and unnoticeable, so car owners will put off getting them repaired. Still, it is important to check your car regularly for scrapes deeper than the surface, as these can lead to more damage if left for long periods of time. In these cases, take the car to a body repair shop. 

Dents are another common cause of car damage; two types of dents can occur, either a smooth dent which is caused by a gentle spread of pressure, or a creased dent which is caused by a concentrated amount of pressure, usually by sharp objects. 

Dents are often ignored by car owners because of the cost of dent repairs, but it is always best to get them repaired as soon as possible because wear and tear on the vehicle over time will increase the damage to the vehicle. 

What are the common causes of car bodywork dents?

A less common type of car body damage is water residue marks; when water droplets are left for long periods of time, the paintwork or reclining hoods of convertibles can be damaged. A car cover is a simple way to prevent this issue, but a repair for the body paint is not very costly. 

Common causes of dents to your vehicle 

Most vehicle owners expect to have a dent or dings during the lifetime of their car, but most road users wouldn't expect some of the following common causes of car dents and scratches.

Shopping Trolleys

On the top of the list are shopping trolleys; you might be wondering if you heard that right but supermarket car lots are indeed a danger zone for cars. 

Careless shoppers often struggle to keep control of the four-wheeled carts, and the damage they cause will often result in a visit to the auto body shop. 

To try and prevent this, park your car further away from the pedestrian path and other vehicles, it may be a long walk, but you'll save yourself a few dints from doing so.

Common causes of dents to your vehicle

Leisure Equipment 

Another one of the causes for car dents is leisure equipment, such as footballs, cricket balls etc. 

Kids often have bad judgement and, without meaning to, can kick or hit a ball in the wrong direction, leaving the car with a nasty dent or scratch in need of repairing. 

To save yourself the hassle of a dent repair, be aware of what you are parking near; for example, don't park near high-risk areas (playgrounds, sports fields).

Car doors

Car doors are causes of car dents too, a lot of the time passengers or drivers don't take into account the distance between them and the car next to them and will carelessly swing their car door open. 

Try and park in a space that is not in between two other cars or whenever possible in fairly empty parking lots.

Hail Storms

Hail storms are car owners worst nightmare if you don't have a garage or shelter on your property; it is a force of nature that can't always be predicted, so there's not much you can do when the hails hit; just hope for few repairable dents. 

One option is to invest in a hail protection car cover; this will only help if you are expecting the hail to come. 


Extreme wind and weather conditions can not only cause damage to your vehicle but also to trees; tree branches can fall due to lightning, winds, or in rare cases, earthquakes, causing unwanted dents, scratches and damage to vehicles. 

Avoid parking directly under trees; if you have no option but to do so, check they are in good condition.


Roadworks and unpaved roads are a hotspot for the road; other road users driving in front of you often flick back any debris from the bottom of their tires; depending on the size of the stones and rocks, you could be looking at a few dents and scratches to the car's paintwork. 

If possible, reroute your journey with roads that aren't near building sites or road works, body repair or paint repair is almost unavoidable if not.


Most car users have been in a situation where a very tight parking space seems doable; the best advice to get is simply to look for another space. 

Countless road users scrape, scratch or dent their car from attempting to fit into tight spots; you also don't want to be in a situation telling another road user you've dinted their car.

Common causes of dents to your vehicle

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