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Are you looking for a car body shop near you? If you require dent removal services, then contact our car body shop in Great Dunmow and the surrounding areas of Essex. 

Chills Body Repairs are based in Essex, and we provide our services to our surrounding local areas, including Chelmsford and Colchester. We have many years of experience in the industry, and we have built up a great reputation with fantastic reviews. Our loyal customers highly recommend our services all around the Essex area. 

No job is too small or too big for us; each car body repair specialist technician is skilled and professional, with expert knowledge. If you need a dent repair service and are in or around the Essex area, please give us a call today!

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How much does it cost to fix a dent?

Car Body Shop Near Me Great Dunmow, Essex

The answer to this question will mainly depend on how severe the dent is. The more significant and more profound the dent, the more work that needs doing, including the paintwork, and more equipment will be necessary to get the job done. 

For minor dents, including paintless dent repair, you are looking at just under £100, and for the larger dents, including paint requirements, you are looking at up to £500. For our price list or a free quote, please get in touch with us. We offer our professional services at highly affordable prices. 

How do Body Shops fix dents?

There are many different types of dent services, for example, paintless dent removal (PDR), dents that need paintwork or bodywork, more prominent marks on doors or bonnets and more minor dents. Body shops and repair centres remove dents in your vehicle differently, depending on which treatment you need. 

However, we use the latest and most professional equipment, so our services are effective. If you need paint on the vehicle due to dent damage, we can use techniques such as sanding and fillers. We must use less rough methods to ensure we don't chip the paint for paintless dent removal.

Can any dent be repaired?

No, we cannot repair all dents. Some dents can be so severe, especially if they have been in a bad accident. Such a thing would depend on what the mark has affected in the aftermath of the accident. It could have damaged other parts of the car. If this is the case, it could even be cheaper to buy a new car than to have it wholly repaired, have new parts fitted and have the car re-painted. 

Can any dent be repaired? Great Dunmow, Essex

How are dents removed from Cars?

Dents can be removed from cars using many different methods, including:

Paintless Dent Removal Great Dunmow, Essex

Paintless Dent Removal

Firstly, we use metal levers to try and release the dent as much as we can. Rougher methods, such as filling or sanding, will in turn impact the paintwork. We can only use this process for minor dents and ones that don't require any re-painting. 

Auto Body Painting Great Dunmow, Essex - painting car panel

Auto Body Painting

If your car is involved in an accident, then the dents will usually be a lot worse and require more treatment. This method consists of sanding down the surface of the dent, the application of primer to prevent corrosion and then the paintwork. 

Are Dents Covered by Insurance?

It will largely depend on your insurance company and the type of insurance you have. Some types of insurance will only cover dents if another driver caused them, and some may only cover the mark if you were the cause of the accident. Some insurance companies will cover paintless dent removal under specific circumstances. You will need to get in touch with your insurance company if you are unsure and discuss them. 

Our Body Shop Services

Body Shop Services Great Dunmow, Essex

There is a wide range of plastic repair techniques that we can use, such as plastic welding, bonding glues and hot stapling, to repair any dents, scratches from road chipping and any scuffs or cracking. Methods like these can save you 100's of pounds on replacement parts that can be highly expensive. It is far better and cheaper to recycle and have things affordably mended than to splash out on new replacement panels. 

We offer advice on complete resprays and free consultations. Our fantastic staff will sit down with you and analyse the best options we can provide for you. During this time, we can show you in-depth our previous work and provide consistent email updates and pictures throughout your car body repairs process. The images we provide can show you the progress we make on your vehicle, so you always know you and your car are in safe hands. 

Another car body repairs service we have available to our customers at our car Bodyshop is removing and improving any scratch damage. We use a machine to wholly polish and retouch any paint on the bodywork of your vehicles. 

We also deal with a huge collection of small to medium repairing techniques. We can repair minor damage to your vehicle with our same day service. Our three-year guarantee allows us to perform midi repairs to any scuffs or scratches you may have by using our whole bodyshop facilities. 

Our business offers a wide variety of repair services to our loyal, local customers. We have brilliant services for any bonnet damage, including small stone chip, full refinishing and even replacements for severe damage. It comes fully complete with cosmetic paint blending for a perfect colour match and an excellent finish. Call us today for further details from our friendly, reliable specialists.

You can save hundreds of pounds with our Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) service here. We massage out minor dents easily without any need to repair or respray your vehicle. 

Our services offer free estimates, free advice and courtesy cars for those who have previously had an accident on the road. We aim to provide any of these unfortunate customers with a step by step guide to help get your car back in tip-top condition affordably, the way it was pre-accident. Whether you decide to pay privately or if you claim insurance, our team of professionals are happy to assist. 

Our company will liaise with your insurance company on your behalf. We aim to deal with the claim from start to finish in a complete, thorough manner. We also offer excess discounts for our customers of up to £150,00.

We will always first inspect your car or vehicle to provide you with the necessary complete reports. These reports will contain the damages, the repair needed and tips. So don't allow substantial return charges to bog you down! Sometimes it is much cheaper for us to repair it before returning it with all its faults. 

Contact Our Body Shop in Essex

If you would like to find out more information about our car body shop in Great Dunmow and the surrounding areas of Essex, get in touch through our phone number. We provide excellent customer service skills and high-quality dent repair and removal. 

If you need some advice, or you would like a free quote, then please get in contact with us today by calling our mobile or completing our contact form to send an email.